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New Orleans Subsidence Vulnerability Maps

Batture was a sub-consultant to Deltares USA, Inc (Deltares) for this groundwater level monitoring project for the City of New Orleans. Deltares’ work included installing monitoring wells, measuring ground water levels, and inputting their findings into computer modeling software. During the period of November 13 thru November 17, 2019, they installed 75 test monitoring wells across New Orleans. Batture provide land surveying services in support of this work. The Batture surveying team provided the following data to Deltares and the City of New Orleans: ground elevations directly adjacent to the bore holes, horizontal location of each borehole, and water elevation in each borehole (whenever possible). Batture closed boreholes with sediment adjacent to the borehole once the Deltares team completed their work.

For this project, Batture performed the following services:

  • GPS Leveling
  • Differential Leveling

Project Status: Complete